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It is an INNOVATIVE spin on the
old-school Guess Who GAME by
making it more ENTERTAINING


→ 5 modular card series
→ 24 unique illustrations each
→ 1 illustrated book per serie


Reclaim your sense of connection
with the people who are most
important to you.


My name is Emi.

There are a few families lucky to live around each other. But, for most people, we often need to travel miles to see our parents or close friends. And even though we have technology like video calls and social media, this distance can often become a huge barrier to creating new memories with your loved ones.

I created Take a Guess! as a way to solve this problem.

Using the two mobile wooden stands, you can play “Take a Guess!” in separate locations. You may see where this is going: because of these boards, you can reclaim your sense of connection with the people who are most important to you. Reaching out to each other, through video-call apps, you can laugh and smile, as if you were in the same place again.

To put a fresh spin on the classic “Guess Who”game concept, I have worked to put new meaning into it. I have designed Take a Guess! to eliminate the superficial, surface-layer questions, focusing on accomplishments and values instead, providing you with an escape from your day-to-day life.

Thanks to each card serie own illustrated book you can learn so much about history and geography. Think about the implications here. Each card is more than a card: it is a jumping-off point, to talk about topics that everyone should learn.

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joining this project isn’t just a way for you to buy a new game.

It’s about creating more opportunities
to close the gap between loved ones
and having a lot of fun while doing it.

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