➜ A mental health crisis on the horizon

When the pandemic first hit, it seemed life had come to a standstill. Aside from limiting mobility and forcing people to reduce social contact, the ensuing restrictions forced entire populations to remain locked up in their homes. Unable to meet even their closest family and friends, individuals made the tough choice of forgoing socialization, even during the holidays.

This lack of social contact and feeling of isolation has given rise to a whole new health crisis. Mental health issues during lockdown have increased manifold. According to the estimates by the world health organization (WHO), 4 in 10 adults in the US have reported suffering from at least one mental health condition. While mental health issues had been on the rise in the past few decades, the increased stress and anxiety triggered by the global pandemic has only exacerbated this situation. More and more individuals are experiencing debilitating stress and anxiety along with depression, especially in the absence of a social support network. Before the pandemic, people could blow off steam by going to a club or getting together with family for a game night. Current restrictions have made these activities impossible. It is no wonder that so many have been pushed to the brink of depression.

➜ An idea was born out of necessity

This presents an alarming situation. Socializing is not safe, but without it, individuals are suffering unbearably. So, is there an alternative? A way people can communicate and socialize without putting one another at risk? Luckily, the answer is a resounding ‘yes. A little bit of creativity and the incorporation of the latest technology has helped develop solutions to tackle this problem.

One such out-of-the-box solution is the Playfuul Take a Guess! This innovative guessing game idea provides the traditional board game experience but with a digital twist. Board games have always been seen as group fun activities. Whether it be family game nights or get together with friends, board games have always been a way to have fun interactively and inclusively. Each game requires players to strategize and connect.

During the pandemic, when families could not even see each other, let alone get together for extended periods to play games. But Playfuul Take a Guess! makes the impossible possible by integrating technology.

➜ Take a Guess! features

Here are the features of Take a Guess! that make it so unique and perfect for getting rid of the isolation brought on by the pandemic restrictions:

Made of recycled fabrics

The Playfuul Take a Guess! is made out of recycled materials. This not only makes the board game extremely durable but also brings back the nostalgia of playing games in childhood when plastic toys were not that common. It is sustainable and recyclable to boot.

Integrates modern technology

The unique feature of this board game is that you can play it with others while being miles apart. This is because Take a Guess! incorporates mobile technology so you can remain connected remotely with friends and family and play the physical game from the safety of your own home. Unlike other mobile games, where you must play with unknown players, you can play with people you wish to. Also, with mobile games, dexterity with a touchscreen is a must which many people, especially the elderly, lack. That is the beauty of a board game, anyone able to understand the rules can play it, and it does not require any special skill with using a mobile. A mobile device is only used to help connect players; the actual gameplay happens on a physical board.

It gets people talking

A game is perhaps the most fun way to connect to others. There are no awkward silences since players are immersed in the game and continuously strategizing their next moves. It trumps normal phone conversations and the usual video calls in many ways as the playing of the game adds a new dimension to communication.

At the end of the day, we all need a little bit of fun and distraction to relieve ourselves of the stress and anxiety of everyday life. It is not easy to ignore the reality of a global pandemic, but Take a Guess! offers a means of escapism and connecting individuals living far apart. It is more than a game; it is an experience wrought in nostalgia and the need to thrive no matter the circumstances.