The pandemic has hit us where it hurts, and there are no chances of its impact slowing down anytime soon. The life that was once considered normal seems like a blast from the past. People are required to follow social distancing protocols and isolate themselves at home. While these things work from the pandemic perspective, they seem to mess with the mental health of many people.

All the free time on hand, along with high levels of anxiety and isolation, gave way to the creative side. Many people resorted to video games to feel more occupied and less lonely. However, even that had a limit and a catch. Video games are all fun, but they still lack the one component that went missing during the pandemic – human interaction.

The lack of human interaction, specifically with loved ones, can leave a destructive effect on people. It can make people more prone to depression and illness. So, now more than ever, we need to be cautious about people and their dealings with isolation and estrangement.

➜ Take a Guess! and isolation

With the heavy impact of mental health from isolation and anxiety, it is more important than ever to keep in touch with family and friends. People can’t always be in the mood to talk. Additionally, with so much time at home, there weren’t too many things to talk about. So, we came up with an amazing solution – Take a Guess!

Technology has been used to improvise so many things. We used it to bring friends and families together during a pandemic. Guessing games were traditionally played with two players sitting across from each other. However, the new prototype, made from scratch, takes the pandemic into account.

It is the perfect board game to take your mind off all the worries and to allow you to enjoy some peaceful and good time with people of your choice.

➜ Using the internet to play games

Online games have been a thing for a long time but not many people are comfortable with playing games with strangers and interacting with them. So Take a Guess! allows you to play with your loved one – friends or family can be a perfect choice. All you need are three things – Take a Guess! and the included mobile stands and the internet.

All you need to do is get the game ready, put the phone on the mobile stand, and hit a video call. Voila! You’re playing a board game with your family.

Adding the mobile stand is such a simple solution that has a profound impact. It gives easy access to both the players to see each other while playing the game and enjoying their time. People can connect with family and even friends while playing a game and rooting to win. Technology has always been helpful, and yet this specific help couldn’t come at a better time. Use the power of technology to beat family estrangement while playing classical games that are reinvented.

➜ The impact of Take a Guess!

Isolation has gotten to the best of us. Being lonely might seem like freedom to many, but for most, it can serve as a strict punishment. The fast going spread of the pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors and safe. So, many people resorted to playing games to either kill time or feel less anxious.

Playing games is good for the mental health of the player. Playing Take a Guess! with family can rejuvenate your mind while improving your cognitive skills. It is a win-win with the usage of skills like enhanced attention, memory, and information processing abilities. Additionally, apart from fun, playing with the family will also invoke positive emotions and a feeling of togetherness. It is good for mental health and fun activity for the mind. Combat with anxiety and feeling of estrangement due to isolation with Take a Guess!

Talking to family and friends can boost the overall mood and help people in taking themselves out from the plunge of depression. Adding a harmless and fun-filled activity like a board game will add more charm and interest to the conversation. It can serve as the perfect element to help you take away your mind from the stressors in life and enjoy the little pockets of fun and activity with friends and family.

➜ Take a Guess! and children

With no going to school and meeting friends, many kids can find it hard to manage all the time at home stuck in their room. Kids at home can also translate as an inevitable increase in screen time for them.

However, with Take a Guess! that screen time can be moved in the direction of playing a game and having fun. It will also help them in improving their attention skills while working on their cognitive ability.

➜ Stay positive with Take  Guess!

Many people experienced and are experiencing loneliness in bursts during the pandemic. It has made staying positive and depression-free even harder. However, let’s see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

All this free time can also be taken as an opportunity to bond stronger with family via different means. One such means is through playing games. Additionally, with the possibility of playing it online with family and friends, kids can play the game with their grandparents. They will have fun, and it will serve as an opportunity for them to develop stronger bonds with their grandparents.

So, jump on this opportunity that offers nothing but goodness. Order Take a Guess! from Playfuul and start enjoying family time in isolation. It is made from the best material and will last you a long time. So, invoke some fun and playfulness into an otherwise dull and anxious routine with the game. After all, who’s to say that we can’t have fun while keeping ourselves safe and sound at home.