My name is Emi.

Founder of Playfuul.com

…and my journey begins with a beautiful childhood memory of Saturday afternoons spent playing games with my grandmother.

Today, we’re facing new difficulties and challenges, where social isolation, physical distancing & family dissolution are sadly prevailing; due to overexposure to screens, complex digital environments, & withdrawal into the self. These problems, often lead to psychological health issues such as loss of autonomy, cognitive deficit, or depression.

We lost track of what is essential!

What if I told you that all of these worries could be taken care of with something almost as old as humanity itself? Something that is central to the happiness of every human? Something so simple that we have forgotten its obviousness?

The pleasure of playing together

Illustration of children playing

To put an end to estrangement, reconnect families with harmony, and give pride of place to social interaction, I decided to launch a project based on my favorite memories. I wanted it to be sustainable and meaningful.

I asked craftsmen to model and design game prototypes, as well as mobile supports, to allow families and friends to play together despite the distance.

After months of testing, finding the right balance, the best materials, the most ideal design, I am proud to present our final versions of reinvented classic games, that will, I hope, bring joy to playful families and friends!