Educational Guessing Game

Educational Guessing Game

Take a Guess!, The fun way to learn. With tons of entertainment value, educational content and suitability for your kids. It’s perfect for reconnecting with friends and family or with your loved ones from afar!

Kids see fun.
You see learning outcomes.


Set up your board

Set up your board with the 24 cards from an extension. Your opponent does the same.


Choose your main card

Both of you will then choose a guessing card that your opponent will try to guess.


Guess & have fun

Clever icons and flags on each card will give you hints about which questions to ask.


Learn with the book

Don’t use your phone every time you come across a new card… Simply refer to the book!

2 boards + 2 mobile stands

Allowing you to reclaim your sense of connection with the people you love the most.

You may see where this is going…!

Distance no longer becomes a barrier.

6 modular extensions

Components per extension

24 guessing cards

to inspire

6 hardcover books

to cultivate

Reviews from our beta-tester

Take a Guess Timeline

Way more than just a game!

Way more than just a game!

Watch your kids fall in love with History, Geography & Fun Facts while having a Great Deal of Fun. It’s a game they will walk away from with a ton of knowledge and hours of fun!

Take a Guess! is for families around the world who want to move towards sharing fond memories again.

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