Educational Guessing Game about Mighty Women!

Smashing the Patriarchy.

Inspiring the Youngsters.

Time to play Right!

Take a Guess! puts an innovative spin on traditional guessing games by being more entertaining, educational & suitable for anybody to play.

24 Guessing Cards about Fearless Women

To inspire

All of their triumphs in a Hardcover Book.

To learn

"Take a Guess! is an absolute must have for all families"

"You can't imagine how much I learned while playing"

"My 7 years old daughter loves it, and so does her grandfather"

Unlimited fun.
Unlimited learning.

Watch your kids fall in love with History & Fun Facts about Fearless Women who changed the World.
Set up your board

and start guessing

Once you find the opponent’s card

learn with the book

Kids see fun.

You see real learning outcomes.

In the game we put ONLY real stories!

We believe that big changes can come from anyone, so we want to show that amazing Women are around us, not only in fairy tales.

Mighty Women and way more!

We have a total 6 modular card series you will walk away from with a ton of knowledge and hours of fun!

Women and Men who had the courage to be different.
Beautiful Wonders and Monuments of the world to discover.
Engage and teach children in stories about all sort of Animals.

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2 mobile stands included, allowing you to reclaim your sense of connection with the people you love the most.

You may see where this is going…!

Distance no longer becomes a barrier.

"Quality time with my grandchildren, despite the distance"

"Take a Guess! has become our regular saturday night family time"

"200 miles apart and playing as if we were in the same room"

Embracing the digital age

while returning to the Classics.

The throwback we want to carry forward.

Take a Guess! was also inspired by the need to connect with family and friends from anywhere.

Play together & reconnect

Wife, husband and parents team.

Hello! We are Emi & Nico. We are a French family living abroad in Portugal.

Like most people, we often need to travel miles to see our parents or close friends. We ended up in this situation as we wanted our daughter to spend more time with her grandparents.

We created Take a Guess! as a way to solve this problem.

As you’ve seen, our mission is now to help families bond, share memories and spend time together despite the distance between them. Just as we managed to do for our own family 🤍

Emi & Nico

Take a Guess! is launching soon on Kickstarter, a Crowdfunding Platform directed towards helping creative projects like ours get off the ground by getting backers from the general public to support us.

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