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Way more than just a game!

2 board games

Take a Guess! puts an innovative spin on traditional guessing games by being more entertaining, educational & suitable for anybody to play. Play, learn, discover, laugh, smile and reconnect with friends and family from afar.

"The illustrations really are unique and mind-blowing!"

"So educational that I'm playing it with my students."

"The animals from the kids edition are just sooooo cute!"

6 modular card series

Take a Guess! features Women and Men who had the courage to be different. Their adventures and discoveries will inspire you to follow your curiosity!

We also included natural wonders and famous monuments of the world because they are just as fun to learn about.

For your children we are featuring all kind of animals, so you can teach them how to care about the creatures in our world as well as the importance of safeguarding their environment.

A total of 144 unique cards!

To put a fresh spin on the guessing game concept, we have worked hard to put new meaning into the cards. We have designed them to eliminate superficial and shallow questions.

Clever icons and flags on each card will give you hints about which questions to ask.

Illustrated books

Each card series will also come with a hardcover book that will tell you stories about related illustrations. You can learn so much with fun facts, history and geography. Think about the implications here. Each card is more than just a card: it is a talking-point to start great conversations about topics that everyone should know.

Don’t use your phone every time you come across a new card… Simply refer to the book!

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2 mobile stands bonding people
despite the distance!

Playing together is as old as humanity itself, it is so simple that we tend to forget its obviousness. Today, we’re facing new difficulties and challenges, where social isolation, physical distancing and family dissolution are creating fewer opportunities for interaction than ever before.

Using the 2 wooden mobile stands, you can play this game in separate locations with video-call apps. You may see where this is going: thanks to Take a Guess! you can easily reconnect with the people who are most important to you.

When we recognise someone or something, it feels good, and when we recognise someone or something while we are with someone, we feel connected. This is why guessing games have remained popular down through the ages.

The joy of recognition is universal, a special experience that we all share. We ask for hints, or you offer them up, and little by little, we get onto the same page. It is a game that we have all played at one time or another.

Spending quality time with family and friends is truly one of the most satisfying things ever. Take a Guess! was inspired by the need to connect with family and friends from anywhere. But we also wanted the game to be familiar, so you could pick it up right away.

In other words, we designed Take a Guess! to help us connect the communication gap and enable you to relive your childhood while providing a great basis for bonding with your children or grandchildren.

"Quality time with my grandchildren, despite the distance"

"Take a Guess! has become our regular saturday night family time"

"200 miles apart and playing as if we were in the same room"

Take a Guess! is the throwback that we want to carry forward. Embracing the digital age while returning to the classics.

The biggest benefit of bonding Take a Guess! with a digital approach is that distance no longer remains a barrier. Reclaim your sense of connection with the people you love the most despite the distance.

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We're now bringing Take a Guess! to many families around the world and helping them move towards sharing fond memories again.

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A game you will walk away from
with a ton of knowledge and hours of fun!

"Take a Guess! is an absolute must have for all families"

"You can't imagine how much I learned while playing"

"My 7 years old daughter loves it, and so does her grandfather"


To get started, all you need to do is set up your board with all of the 24 cards from the series of your choice. Your opponent does the same.


Both of you will then choose one card as your “guessing card.” This is the card that your opponent tries to guess!


Once you have set up both of the boards, you are all set to start guessing.

The number-one rule in Take a Guess! is when you ask a question, it has to be a closed-ended question.

That means your opponent must be able to answer it with a “yes” or a “no“.

If the answer is “yes,” then the first player can put down all of the pictures in which the answer would have been “no.” The second player can then ask another question. Both players proceed through their questions in turns, until one of the players wants to make a guess about the exact guessing card.

Wife, husband and parents team.

Hello! We are Emi & Nico. We are a French family living abroad in Portugal.

Like most people, we often need to travel miles to see our parents or close friends. We ended up in this situation as we wanted our daughter to spend more time with her grandparents.

We created Take a Guess! as a way to solve this problem.

As you’ve seen, our mission is now to help families bond, share memories and spend time together despite the distance between them. Just as we managed to do for our own family 🤍

Take a Guess! is launching soon on Kickstarter, a Crowdfunding Platform directed towards helping creative projects like ours get off the ground by getting backers from the general public to support us.

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