With COVID-19 and the seemingly never-ending pandemic, people all over the world find themselves isolating. There were only two choices out there; you could either stay inside or go out and risk harming yourself and the people around you. With such high stakes and the severity of the situation going as far as death, people were forced to take the isolation seriously.

However, staying inside wasn’t as easy as it might seem. When 10 or 20 years ago, we’ll detail the entire pandemic and lockdown state to our future generations, they might not be able to understand how torturous it was to stay confined in your homes. The lack of social interaction and anything remotely fun was the perfect combination for disaster, and people were looking desperately to get their old lives back.

➜ Pandemic, Estrangement, and Chaos

While outside, the world was enveloped in chaos, inside people were left in a pretty bizarre yet dull situation. Sure, all of us were in the comfort of our homes, but this comfort soon turned into something extremely boring. How long could one be expected to entertain themselves through Netflix? While it was fun to work from home and take classes from home for some period, things got very boring and dull when a few months turned into a year-long static state.

People all over the world were looking for something that could help them feel normal again. The lack of this normalcy led to many individuals harboring feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and estrangement. Social isolation was a huge player in the creation of all these feelings.
While mobile phones and zoom video calls, etc., helped in the first few months, they soon lost all their charm as one couldn’t really get anything entertaining out of these. People started going back to the roots. In this long period of isolation, there was a spike noted in board games and other old-school fun activities. However, what people needed was something new, unique, and something that would incorporate their love of board games but with a modern twist.

This was the time when we needed something different, something that could give us a feeling of how life was before the pandemic. This is exactly where Take a Guess! came into the picture

➜ Knight in Shining Armor

The Take a Guess! proved to be a knight in shining armor ready to battle away from the bouts of exhaustion, boredom, and anxiety people would face. While it might seem like an innocent basic board game, the best thing about it is that, unlike traditional board games, it didn’t require all the players to be present in the same spot, geographically speaking.

Does that sound weird to you? Surely, how could a group of people play a board game if they are not all together? With Take a Guess! the creator aimed to step out of the box and think uniquely. He came up with a game design that could enable people from all over the world to play together. While this may sound like a lot of multimedia player games, there is one major difference here.

Traditional multimedia games today do allow the players to play together. However, the players usually have no choice in who their opponents will be. Moreover, there is no concept of a board game out there that could be played with the players living in different locations, all of which were made possible through Take a Guess!

➜ Classic guessing game with a Modern Twist

Does the modern element of the board game intimidate you? Well, don’t you worry. This game is said to be so user-friendly that, unlike traditional mobile games, this one can be played by people of all age groups, as young as a 4-year-old and as long as your grandfathers and grandmothers.

So, how does it work? Well, that’s pretty basic. Take a Guess! came in a finely designed punch board on which the game will be played. To help connect you with your friends and family, there is a mobile support that you can put in front or on the side while playing the game.

To initiate the game, you will have to get onto a video call with the other players, and you get it started! With the mobile device, both of your hands will be free to navigate Take a Guess! while your friends or family will be there with you to play the game.

Giving the players the ability to navigate the tricky paths of the board, this game requires your attention and is a perfect time for you to get your productive juices flowing.

➜ Post-Pandemic State

The best thing about Take a Guess! is that you don’t have to chuck it out the window the minute you get to go outdoors. All of us have had days when we just didn’t feel like dressing up, going outside, or even entertaining any guests. Keep your board game safe for all such times when you could beat social isolation and have your fair share of comfort, adventure, and fun right from the comfort of your home.


With an easy-to-play rule set, the most beautifully design and illustrations, and the right amount of fun, what more could one ask from a board game?

You can carry it easily, store it anywhere you like, and fight estrangement during the pandemic in the most productive and adventurous manner!

With Take a Guess! players all around the world can get their daily dose of social interaction as they sit around and battle each other to challenges.