Games date back to as old as human civilization. Playing games is ancient, and it has also been connected with having power as not everyone is skillful enough to become a maestro of any game. Games have also been used as a tool through which knowledge about multiple cultures was carried and transferred from generation to generation.

➜ Playing games in ancient times

Board games are an important feature in the gaming industry today. Interestingly enough, many of these games are ancient and date back to extremely older times. Many games came into being during times of famine, terror, and war. These games became a reason to lighten the overall depressed environment. They provided people a gateway to leisure and entertainment when there were not many other options.

Dice games, for instance, are 3,000 years old and are one of the gaming tools that were known to men. Archeologists discovered a set of dice games in Iran while excavating. Many similar discoveries are how we know about the history of several games. The earliest known games that were similar to Monopoly or scrabble date back to even older times. The earliest known board game was 5,000 years old and was played by the Egyptians.

➜ Games as icebreakers in ancient communities

Communication was important for communities back in the day. Games were also used as a creative and fun tool to break the ice between people and communities. They provide a way for people to engage in conversation or activity and get to know each other. Board games, among other games, were also used to strengthen the focus and attention span of the user. These games also instilled discipline as each player had to wait for their turn to make their move. These games also became a tool in helping people learn and deal with disappointment as there could only be one winner in any given game. Board games and outdoor games also pushed people to use their power, creativity, and imagination to think out of the box and come up with strategies that can help them win.

Did you know that in ancient times recreational games were included in the rituals that illustrated the ties between sacred and profane? Games also traveled through oceans and borders by merchants and explorers. It is how initially knowledge of games spread all over the globe.