For your child to be able to unleash their true potential in the world, they must go through different developmental games and activities that help them grow. However, this doesn’t mean that all toys out there are good for them. When it comes to parenting, adults have to take into consideration various elements, such as the material that their child is playing with.

In current times, games with recycled materials are making a comeback as they are good for the environment and have tons of other benefits too. Here’s why we say NO to plastic!

1. Safe and Secure

One of the most damaging aspects of plastic toys and games is that they are dangerous as they usually have sharp edges and parts that toddlers can swallow.

No plastic games are safer for your child as it is a better alternative in all ways.

2. Planet Healthy

The planet can live longer once people chuck away the idea of using plastic alternatives. Recycling is a much more sustainable idea.

Games like Take a Guess! are made of high-quality recycled materials, which means that neither your child nor the planet will be in danger.

3. Education Friendly

Did you ever think your child would be able to learn while they are playing? If that might not have been possible earlier, it can now happen today. Various games such as puzzles, blocks, and sets that engage a child in construction can all give a boost to the educational department.

Your child learns various activities such as problem-solving, numeracy, and even motto skills are updated. With the timelessness and durability of recycled games, your child can easily prosper without facing any trouble.

4. Social Interaction

Games like Take a Guess! are known to do wonders for children in making them more socially aware. Not just that, but children are also better at the interactions they make with their peers since such games require teamwork. While traditional games played on mobile phones and computers all promote single-player work, with Take a Guess! you child and learn the concept of sharing and work together with different children.

5. Imagination Land

Traditional plastic toys leave little of the child to do. They come with sounds, effects, lights, and even move on their own and have their own stories. With all this provided to the children, there is little space for them to work up their imagination.

More than often, the various colors, screens, and features of plastic games can overwhelm the children and ruin the entire concept of using their brains. With Take a Guess! children are given a blank sheet, and they have the creative freedom to utilize it any way they like.

They can fire up their imaginative powers, make their own stories, give the characters names, and even make up sound effects to make the game more fun. So, if you want your child to be able to be creative and think out of the box, Take a Guess! may be the way to go.

6. Durable and Long-lasting

As parents and guardians, there is nothing worse than having to buy your child new games every other day because the old ones broke. No matter how carefully they play, plastic toys are known to get dirty quicker and get damaged pretty easily.

On the other hand, Take a Guess! is thought off to durable and sustainable. It will last a long time, sometimes even for generations.

In current times of modernity, you must think long and hard before exposing your child to just any toy. Bring in Take a Guess! to help them learn from the open-ended designs and give a boost to their development.